Growth Tips

Growth Tips was a nice personal challenge for me. I’ve shared these tips once a day in the past 40 weekdays on my Twitter and Linkedin profiles. Now I’m sharing a more organized version for startup founders and marketing managers from more prominent companies. Nothing is written on the stone at Growth Management, so I’m 100% open to learning more about your findings and experiences.

Growth Tips by Sinan Ata

📈 40 Growth Tips

Why you should use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager together?

Make sure you are using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager together for tracking actions carrying business value. Intention, behavior, and goals can be tracked as separate events.

Why personalization matters in email marketing?

The personalization level is in direct proportion to the success rate in a drip campaign. Reduce the volume of emails you’re sending and invest more time in personalization. Outreach is one of the great tools for this.

How to get your Facebook Ads to perform better?

Facebook ads are likely to perform better for the first couple of days. Try resetting your campaigns every third day.

Why you should invest in prospecting?

Awareness campaigns work only if you have enough budget to dominate your target audience. Avoid spending your budget if you don’t have a specific target cohort (Name/Email level). Invest your time and money in identifying your potential customers first.

How to build a content marketing strategy?

Do not start a content marketing project if you can’t answer meaningful questions. Try writing 50 questions tied to your core business. Get help from Google Trends for prioritizing answers. It’s more complicated than it sounds.

Why cheap clicks are a threat to your marketing budget?

Linkedin ads are expensive. Don’t fall into the cheap click trap. Forget reaching thousands of people, narrow your target audience at every chance and work more on personalization instead. Read: Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit.

How to prioritize action items in growth?

Advertisement and lead data get expensive as people work on it. Don’t collect data for collecting. Start fixing the top of a broken funnel first and eliminate bad apples by monitoring relevance BEFORE real people work on.

How to write blog posts for SEO?

Google rewards data-heavy content pieces. Be the brand that contributes to your niche if you want a better search ranking. Prioritize research subjects by analyzing your competitors using services like Moz.

How to build smarter ad campaigns?

Get familiar with data scraping tools (like Scrapy of python); using publicly available data for getting your campaigns smarter is not a sin. This is a higher leverage activity than adding more visuals to your campaign.

Why a growth manager must learn at least one programming language?

Software Engineers do not have a monopoly on automation. Learn basic coding and earn your professional independence by automating your own workflows. is a good starting point, and python has a vibrant community.

How to track your work time and performance?

Get your time under control. Track your own time using TimeDoctor or RescueTime. Try different calendar models to identify your winning business behavior. Remember “Amat victoria curam”

What is the best way of content marketing?

Community building is all about giving, don’t expect growth without giving. You can give entertainment, freebies, domain expertise, news, anything relevant to your company goals.

Why do you need pop-ups for lead generation?

Pop-up forms might be annoying, but you shouldn’t underestimate them if you try to generate leads through content marketing. A carefully planned pop-up form can boost your conversion rate up to 3x.

Why mobile is so important for content marketing?

Whatever content idea you have in mind won’t work until you optimize it for mobile. The number of clicks required for navigation is your enemy: Mobile-first, desktop second.

How to do prospecting and run email outreach campaigns?

Identifying visitors using tools like Clearbit is fun, but you should not send promo emails unless you offer real value. Words are not enough for evaluating your value; send a preview of your work.

How to manage remote marketing teams?

Do not delegate any work related to growth until you become an expert. This is the fastest way of undermining your success.

Why quality bars are so important for remote management?

Stop building/managing teams if you can’t fully understand, measure, and enforce the quality bar. Quality before volume and productivity.

Are advertising algorithms reliable?

None of the ad platforms are going to do the hard work for you. Build your experiments, learn more about your audience, and don’t get fooled by their “optimization algorithms”; they are built to optimize their income.

When is the best time for social media engagement?

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are gold for business-related social media engagement. 3 PM – 6 PM UTC is the best window for global engagement.

Why SaaS costs matter?

Get your SaaS costs under control. With so many great products and $10/month packages, you can easily lose control of your costs. Track unused, under-leveraged tools and cancel subscriptions.

Can old marketing techniques work with the new ones?

Do not underestimate the power of conventional marketing tools, especially if your brand is new. A combination of digital marketing and old-school methods might be your killer solution.

Are female sales representatives better?

Your prospects are over 30% more likely to respond to a female sales representative. I did an A/B experiment in 2016 on this. Use female power.

How to motivate highly-skilled remote workers?

Corporate marketers, high-skilled individuals are motivated by professional challenges. Do not over-use the money argument; they are already making above average all around the world.

Styled emails vs plain text – which one works better?

Plain text email outreach campaigns work better compared to styled emails. Your success depends on the level of personalization you can apply, though.

What kind of blog posts attract more readers?

Content marketing can be tricky. Consumers demand well-packed pill-size information in almost all verticals. This is why the “40 useful tools” or “25 great jobs” type of content performing 3x better.

How to use Guidebooks and FAQs for marketing?

Guidebooks may sound boring, but they are proven successful if you have a big list of actions you need our customers to take. Webinar/event attendance, test completion, complex product use, etc.

What is Video SEO and how to do it?

Analyzing competition and investing in video SEO pays off. They helped us gain 58% more viewers in a short time. TubeBuddy is a great tool.

How to get a faster response in talent marketing?

If you have user consent for talent marketing, integrating WhatsApp into your communication channels pays off. Last-minute reminders and 1:1 discussions are faster than email with Whatsapp.

When to engage with a free-trial user to convert?

You’ll get 20% more likely to convert a free user into a paying user if you reach out in the first 12 hours after the first engagement.

How to get positive SaaS reviews?

Offering $50 Amazon Gift Cards to happy customers for G2 and Capterra reviews can make a huge difference for your SaaS business. I’ve monitored a 68% improvement in reviews.

Why FAQs are a critical part of marketing?

If you are offering multiple products, providing product-specific FAQs can boost your conversion rates by 32%. Most companies fail by delivering generic FAQs.

How to interact with your MQLs?

Give all you got to your MQLs. Sharing a simple Calendly link can make a huge difference showing that you are there and you will be there for them whenever they need it. The first impression is important.

Which colors perform better for online advertisements?

In a single ad experiment having 23 ad visual variations, green-themed ads performed 20% better than others.

How to build a referral system?

Build referral features into your SaaS product, learn from Airtable and Krisp. Give total credits that they can use for enjoying your product for a more extended period. I’ve sent 40 customers to Airtable and around 20 to Krisp to test their referral programs using one blog post and one LinkedIn message.

Why well-known logos are important for your ads?

In a single ad experiment having 23 ad visual variations, ad visuals with logos of integrated products performed 16% better than others.

How to build a friendly connection with your customers?

Once you have a lead, following up with a “hey {name}, let me show you how our product works” kind of friendly email converts much better than automated emails once we’ve achieved a 99% conversion rate in a cohort of 150.

How to use well-known logos in video ads?

In a single ad experiment having 23 ad visual variations, video ads with logos of integrated products performed 19% better than others.

How to send personalized emails for better engage

Using video tools like Vidyard or BombBomb once helped us double the conversion rates. Personalized video, email gifs, and great energy works.

Account-based marketing vs outbound marketing, which one works better?

If you have a relatively old brand and a big user base with tens of thousands of former customers, focusing on account-based marketing is probably more efficient than any outbound marketing activity.

What is the most valuable portion of a web page?

The first 600pxs of your landing pages are gold, think and experiment with what you are writing to optimize your conversion rates. User attention drops significantly once you go below the splash screen. Use Hotjar for analysis and iterate.

You can download the A4-sized PDF version of 40 Growth Tips from a Remote Marketing Manager content.