The Story

Sinan Ata I’m a growth hacker with localization, team management, digital marketing, project management, UX design and a bit of software development background. I was born in Silifke / Mersin, a beautiful town in Southern shores of Turkey. I’m living in Istanbul since 1992. During my career journey, I had a chance to sell-create more than 200 digital projects (e-commerce apps, mobile apps, social games, corporate identities etc… ) by building teams of international talent.

I spent my last 10 years in both enterprise and start-up companies for building and running digital media planning and purchasing strategies. I’m reading and experimenting a lot to improve myself. Finally, after nearly 10 years of active blogging, my belief of sharing experience made me write the first book for digital advertisement in Turkish.

After working in Crossover as a Country GM for 2 years, I took over Local Operations as a whole, managing teams of Country GMs, City GMs and Brand Ambassadors operating in Turkey, Russia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina, and others. With continuous improvement, we’ll keep transforming the way people work.

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