Growth Tips

I started a new series named Growth Tips for sharing the growth skills I learned from the hard way. Every weekday at 5 PM UTC, you’ll find a new tip here.

Number 1

Make sure you are using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager together for tracking actions carrying business value. Intention, behavior, and goals can be tracked as separate events.

Number 2

The personalization level is in direct proportion to the success rate in a drip campaign. Reduce the volume of emails you’re sending and invest more time in personalization. Outreach is one of the great tools for this.

Number 3

Awareness campaigns work only if you have enough budget to dominate your target audience. Avoid spending your budget if you don’t have a very specific target cohort (Name/Email level). Invest your time and money for identifying your potential customers first.

Number 4

Facebook ads are likely to perform better for the first couple of days, try resetting your campaigns every third day.

Number 5

Do not start a content marketing project if you can’t answer meaningful questions. Try writing 50 questions strictly tied to your core business. Get help from Google Trends for prioritizing answers. It’s harder than it sounds.

Number 6

LI ads are expensive, true. Don’t fall into the cheap click trap. Forget reaching thousands of people, narrow your target audience at every chance and work more on personalization instead. Read: Nobody Wants to Read Your Shit.

Number 7

Advertisement and lead data gets expensive as people work on it. Don’t collect data for collecting. Start fixing the top of a broken funnel first and eliminate bad apples by monitoring relevance BEFORE real people work on it.

Number 8

Get familiar with data scraping tools, using publicly available data for getting your campaigns smarter is not a sin. This is a higher leverage activity than adding more visuals to your campaign.

Number 9

Google rewards data-heavy content pieces. Be the brand who contributes to your niche if you want a better search ranking. Prioritize research subjects by analyzing your competitors using services like Moz.

Number 10

Software Engineers do not have a monopoly on automation. Learn basic coding and earn your professional independence by automating your own workflows. is a good starting point and python has a vibrant community

Number 11

Get your time under control. Track your own time using Time Doctor or RescueTime. Try different calendar models to identify your winner business behavior. Remember, amat victoria curam.